To Start Being in the Marketing World

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Beginner trying to work for a Marketing Agency

Hey everyone. I'm wanting to get experience in the marketing world. However I'm a complete beginner. Who would hire me? No one I bet.

What skills can I start learning? Is there a way I can work for dirt cheap for someone to gain experience? Should I start by picking one skill and trying to freelance on Fiverr or upwork?

I know it's a lot of questions but I'm ready to go. I'm driven enough to have been working on side projects even after my full time job.

What are your experiences? How did you all get started in this industry??
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To Start Being in the Marketing World

Was in your shoes and I focused and trying to make as many things as possible (accounts and projects) that used and tested my skills in marketing. I did this as I was doing my masters in marketing and then I went on a furious dive into LinkedIn till I found an agency to hire me. If you keep making project and doing things, you'll build your skills and portfolio and it makes you look eager to work and a natural creative to future employers.

SirSamuels ✍️
Wow that's inspiring man. Congrats to you. I used to be an artist. 2D and 3D art.

Do you think content creation or the social media side could be a good fit for creative folk?

Thanks for the feedback! ✌️
Hell yeah, 100% in my opinion and experience it shows drive and want to creative and work. Also it shows that you know more then just your art. I started as a digital artist too, doing photoshop and stuff and I really made my cv and portfolio stand out by doing socials.
SirSamuels ✍️
That's awesome. What kind of projects did you do for socials? Are you doing content work with canva for your own social or others
I did a lot of social media content, video content and community integration and nurturing as well as branding (so much branding). I deeply recommend starting with canva and mastering it, because it's a simple, but super powerful tool in the right hands. Also from what I've seen and heard from my boss in our agency canva is once of the most used tools for clients when they come to marketing agencies so that's going to be a very big plus on your side. Surprisingly not a lot of people truly know how to use canva. Word of advice though, try to diversify, start with canva try to master it as much as possible, but then expande your horizons with photoshop, animations and other smaller apps like capcut and inshot. Oh and when it came to the accounts i ran. I ran some accounts for other people (friends and family) but mostly for my own project accounts just so I could fully experiment and try out my strategies.
SirSamuels ✍️
I'll definitely dive deeper into canva. I think what I'm lost on is how I can start using canva to help people with content (for free) so I can start building a portfolio.

Creating random stuff for myself won't really allow me to get the best feedback and network experience. Any thoughts on that aspect??
Ah I can help with that. That's a problem I had to, my suggestion which is what I did is I picked random account that I knew and liked and just used them as an imaginary client of mine and I did little branding revamps and content for them. I asked them if they wanted it, if they did I offered for a price, if not I kept for portfolio (I had no luck with the sell but but hey great portfolio).

Intern at an agency. Lots of places would love to hire a person to train up.. as long as they show that they're a self starter.

Search "digital marketing agency near me" and go thru all the agency websites until you can find one offering an internship.

Get your Google certs, Bing cert, whatever else cert is out there now to show that you're willing to learn. Then just start applying

SirSamuels ✍️
Great idea! Is there anything on the side that you've done? Learning copy, running ads, social media management, etc? I want to pick one and run with it but man it's a lot of sub categories

If you can't decide, try to get into a fully integrated marketing agency and try different shit until you find one you're good at. But right now, in my exp, Pay Per Click (PPC) is probably the most desirable
SirSamuels ✍️
Okay thanks! Are you talking more of Google Ads?

I would hire someone like you.

You're curious. You ask questions. You want more.

There are always projects that need someone who just wants to try new things, see what works, and are in a position to take risks that others might not. Just because it might work.

Find a local new entrepreneur group. Attend some events, and find someone that is doing something cool, that you want to support. Give them three months of your time. Or run a trial project for them, just to help out. That gives you experience, they get new revenue, and if you're great, maybe they hire you to keep doing more.

Find a digital transformation business, and offer marketing support to their end of contract clients. Legacy businesses that transition from paper to digital, or to online, usually don't have any digital marketing expertise either. Easing that path, or creating tools to make it generate online revenue quickly, would be valuable.

You don't really need to know how to get started. You need to know how to be competitive, now. What do you need to be able to deliver, to meet the standard of the group you want to be in? Find out what they're looking for in new prospects. Find out what communities they're in on LinkedIn, and join the conversation (politely) where you can offer real value.

SirSamuels ✍️
Thanks for that response! Very insightful. I liked what you said about finding a group or someone doing something cool.

I'm in that phase of willing to work for free just to get experience and help out. You mentioned LinkedIn. Is that a good place to find gigs your speaking of?

I've been running my own agency for 12 years. Here's how I got started.

It was < year >. The economy sucked and I was downsized out of my last real job. After 10 years in my prior industry, I was ready for something new but I didn't want to just throw away 10 years of experience, either.

So I got to talking to a poker buddy of mine (who has since become one of my closest friends) – who owns one of the larger marketing agencies in the area and told him as much. He suggested I try digital marketing since there were some overlapping skill requirements.

He was gracious enough to give me a bunch of resources to study including some programs he puts his own employees through. Over a 3 month period, I collected unemployment and self educated 12 hours a day. I was obsessed with this shit!

Then one day, I felt confident that I knew what I wanted to do. I put together a comprehensive plan to market a series of affiliate products in what I'd come to believe to be a lucrative-yet-underserved market. I sent my plan off to my friend by email for feedback.

45 minutes later, my phone rang. My friend had read my plan, showed it to his partner and they instantly decided to offer me a job at their company.

After a year at his company – where I learned A TON – I started my own freelance biz which evolved into a full blown Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency.

So my advice to you is try to build as many relationships as you can – especially with people who've accomplished what you're looking to achieve. See where you can be of value, where your existing experience and skillset may be useful and leverage it as creatively as possible.

SirSamuels ✍️
What an amazing story man thank you for sharing. I'm actually making my first LinkedIn profile as we speak to try and meet other people that may need help or need free work.

I'm willing to work for free to get experience. I'm driven enough to work on side projects after working full time here in the military.

I see so much value in this industry its hard for me to ignore. I hope your business continues to thrive my friend! I value your advice thank you again! Cheers 🍻

You're active duty US military?

Send me a PM if you care to – I'd be interested to discuss your goals, skillsets and long term ambitions. A longer convo will be needed but let's make contact privately first.
SirSamuels ✍️
Absolutely. Just sent a PM

9 years at an ad agency – started as an unpaid intern on the creative side, was offered a job in account services a month later. The key was being willing to work hard, jump in to help anywhere, and share my skill set. Once they saw my capabilities and where I could be a benefit, they created a role for me. That won't happen at all places, but showing your worth will give you an advantage for positions that do open up. Over the years, we'd always consider past interns or freelancers (that fit well) when a position opened up. Reaching out to local places and saying – hey, I want exposure to the world, would there be an internship opportunity (especially if you're willing to go unpaid) will open so many opportunities. If looking for full time foot in the door positions, look at entry level positions – ad traffic role, coordinator, assistant account executive, junior designer – get in, show your skills, and you have the chance to move up, know when other positions open up or at least get some experience to go somewhere else.

SirSamuels ✍️
Great ideas! What are your thoughts on remote internships? I'm in Japan right now so local places in the states are off the table for me until next year.

I'd say it really depends on the company. We live in a world where remote work is not unusual, but many companies have requirements to be in-office at least part-time. Looking for companies whose job postings are primarily "remote optional" is probably your best bet.
SirSamuels ✍️
True true. Thanks for that input! Cheers 🍻

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