Any Challenges Faced When Starting and Running a Blog

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What are some of the challenges that you've faced when starting and running a blog?

hi guys I am thinking to start a blog I just wanted to know the challenges and problems I have to face if I create a blog. I need your advice before starting my blog let me know your advice in the comment section below.
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Any Challenges Faced When Starting and Running a Blog

If it is your first blog and you don't have any experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (I guess you are going for organic search traffic?) you will most likely learn a lot in your first year and do some mistakes that are hard to avoid as a beginner.

You will run into "problems" and find out what works and not works on your site. That part is different from site to site, and in different niches.

While learning keyword research and search intent you will probably not get it right the first time or every time, but that's okay.

I have 6 sites and I still sometimes write content that just wont rank. Then you have to figure out why, and make it better. That is something that you will learn along the way.

So my advice is that you just start.

Pick a niche and start a site. You will make mistakes and you will learn from them. This is a long-term game. You will most likely spend hundreds of hours in the first year with almost no visitors or earnings.

Just don't publish random articles without any keyword research first.

There are plenty of ways to do keyword research, you will find tons of free material on YouTube.

That is the biggest mistake most people seems to do. They just write articles about random things that people don't even search for…

Edit: One more thing that you have to remember. This is not easy passive money (like some people make it look like).

It is a lot of hard work and like I said above, you will spend hundreds of hours and have to be patience for 1-2 years before you start earning good money.

But after that… I rarely touch my biggest site (2.5 years old) but it still earns around $1500/mo while I work on my other sites. That is really nice.

I'm curious how much monthly traffic your site gets? (2.5 years old site) And what percentage of earnings comes from display ads?

I had 96,934 pageviews in September.

It's 100% informational content and Mediavine display ads is around 90% of my earnings.

I also have some affiliate links in articles where it mages sense and that earns around 10%.

My plan is to add more content that works better with affiliate links because you can earn a lot from that compared to only display ads.

My site is in Swedish, that's why I "only" earn around $1500 with almost 100k pageviews. If you had the same traffic in the US you would probably earn double that amount because the RPM there is much better.
Thanks for your reply.

I have one more question.

My goal is mediavine. I had 31k page views at the end of September. This month I added adsense. 100% of my content is information content.

Do you have any advice for me on how to quickly achieve mediavine's requirements?

Is putting out more content the only way
I add new articles when I feel like it, but I also try to update old articles that are not doing that well.

How old is your site?

It took me around 15 months to go from 0 to 35k sessions.

But it "only" took me around 6-7 months from that to go from 35k to 55k sessions so that I could join Mediavine.

I could probably have done it faster, but me and my old girlfriend broke up in the middle of everything so I was moving apartments and didn't publish anything on my site for many months.

Good luck 💪
My site is 9 months old.

However, I had some failed sites before that. So I'm quite familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I do a combination of blog + YT video for most keywords. Also, I'm from southern Europe, so my English is very bad, so I outsource the writing, but I edit it to be perfect for my standards.

My maximum is 15 posts per month, which are very high quality + YT videos for some of them (unique images). The process is slow, but I successfully won the first place on Google with my articles.
That sounds good 💪

This was my first site, so that is also a reason why it took so "long" to grow.

Right now I'm building on some new sites and they are growing faster.

I'm not doing YouTube, but I have played around with programmatic SEO lately. Last month I published 1600 articles to my sites as an experiment.
How do you come up with keywords for informational? Like buyer intent uses words like "best" "cheap" but what about informational ones besides the "what, can" etc.

I only have sites in niches that I enjoy and know things about, so it's not that hard.

I have a bunch of articles like "how to bla bla bla", "can bla bla do bla bla", etc.

But my biggest type of articles are showing data in different ways about different products/models/brands.

Lets say you have a site about motorcycles.

One article could be "what oil should i put in a yamaha".

Now copy/paste most of that article and replace "yamaha" with other brands/models, and replace the data (oil types in this case) with correct data for every brand/model.

Then you do the same with "yamaha top speeds", "yamaha weight", etc.

It works really well for different type of niches and products/models 💪

You can also do "how to change oil on a yamaha motorcycle" and do the same. And then you can link internally between "how to change oil yamaha" and "what oil should i put in a yamaha" (Google really loves internal linking).

You can do this with almost anything, motorcycles was an example I came up with.

You can do it with computer brands/models, keyboards, etc.

And as you might have figured out, even if it's not "buyer intent" content, you can still put affiliate links to motor oil and computer accessories in those two examples.

It will probably not convert as good as real "buyer intent" keywords/articles do (I never did that, so I don't know how good conversion you can have), but its a nice addition to display ads.

And it's usually easier to rank informational content (often less competition).
What theme do you use? Can I see your blog? Interested in structure that works well for ads.
I use GeneratePress with a standard right sidebar.

Nothing special about my display ads, Mediavine places ads automatically on my site.

Here are some great tips to increase your RPM (works with all types of display ads, not just Mediavine):
Dilgeer ✍️
I'm hardly getting 5k visitors per month and my website is 8 months old

Dilgeer ✍️
Thanks for this amazing information I really appreciate if you want I can show you my website which I built without any SEO knowledge I just wrote the article and publish them please let me know if you want to have a look on my website Check Here

Hmm sorry for asking, but are you using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write your articles?

I am a web developer since almost 20 years back, and I read your latest post about web development and it's full of things that is just not true (things that an AI probably would have written…).

The language also looks very strange (I'm not a native English speaker and I know that I can't write good English myself, but some things even made me think it looks strange).
Dilgeer ✍️
No i didn't use Artificial Intelligence (AI) because Google will never rank AI content that's why I research about the articles I think my searching skills are not good by the way as you that you are a web developer can you suggest me some point or methods to look more better to my website
Dude, Google ranks AI content all the time.

But I understand why they don't rank your content because most pieces of it looks lika a bad AI wrote it when it was drunk…

Read your own content and fix obvious errors and then wait a couple of months to see if Google picks up on it.
Dilgeer ✍️
Thanks bro for letting me know this that Google rank AI content also so now I'll make sure to being come changes in my website as you suggest once again Thank you

Truly, you do not have to face any strong challenges or problems for a sustained time frame if you bought a course from a high level professional that you trust and if you follow their blog closely and put their advice into action.

Almost 100% of all difficult struggles begin with new bloggers who do not invest money, time, energy and practice in putting professional blogger advice into action. Seriously, that's it.

The only reason why I struggled with my blog for a long time is because I didn't follow only professional blogger advice. When I began to do that exclusively, blogging did get easier and easier although small struggles and challenges pop up from time to time.

Begin following a few top blogging tips bloggers right now. Follow only their advice. Lay the foundation for a successful blog. More importantly, avoid the heartache that is easily preventable.

Love this. This is amazing advice. No need to reinvent the wheel. Learn from someone who has already done it. And if you can't afford a course, you can at least subscribe to their blog to see how they do things in real-time.

If you just want to focus on writing and growing your following, maybe starting out on a third party platform would be best for you. Most of the challenges I ran into in the very beginning were regarding building and maintaining a website, not necessarily the blogging itself.

Other problems you may face:

• Getting indexed and ranked (Google may dump a bunch of your pages in discovered – not indexed)

• Deciding whether to keep comments on or off due to spam (in some niches you could be missing out on questions from potential customers by doing this)

• People copying your content to use on their own sites (hit them with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy (DMCA))

• Low shareability (this can actually be a result of the design of your site rather than poorly written content)

• Going viral or getting a bit of buzz and not already having the proper workflows in place to benefit from it (No email newsletter / not monitoring brand mentions)

Hope this helps!
As they say, "every expert once was an amateur". There's nothing wrong with making mistakes, though, but you can build a better blog as soon as you can if you can avoid a few deadly blogging mistakes that you will discover.

• Not Thinking About How To Monetize Your Blog Early.

If you choose to become a hobby blogger with no intention of making money in the nearest future, properly planning a monetisation technique for your blog would be a bad idea for you as a blogger, and you might get burned out in the process and not find blogging interesting at all.

There are various monetisation platforms and strategies available to you as a blogger, and some of them are.

• Contextual Advertising (Google Adsense,

• Sales of Products.

• E-book publishing.

• Affiliate Marketing.

• Forgetting to Track Your Progress.

One way to track your progress as a blogger is through analytical tools, and the most popular of them is the Google Analytics Tools by Google which provides you with valuable insights into your blog's growth.

Failure to properly use these tools would guarantee your loss as a blogger.

3. Missing Best SEO Practices.

4. Writing and Publishing Inconsistently.

5. Selecting a Bad Hosting Company.

6. Ignoring List Building.

7. Giving Up Early.

8. You Chose The Wrong Blog Engine (WEEX, WEEBLY).

9. Choosing the Wrong WordPress Theme.

10. Creating a Blog Solely For Music/ Video.

11. Showing too many Stats/Visitor Locations.

12. Your Blog has Too Many Moving Parts.

Dilgeer ✍️
Your a great man I don't know How to thank you, you just clear each and every thing I appreciate a lot And once again thanks a lot for this valuable information 👍🙏

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