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anyone else feel like there's so much to write about that you never get anything done?

Got a new site I'm working on and I'm writing an article this morning that is targeted at a beginner. As I'm writing it I'm realizing each one of these sections deserve their own "ultimate guides", but I haven't yet created them. I have other content planned out that can also link to the not yet created guides.

Feel like I keep running into this issue, and I get stuck trying to plan it all out so that the current "hub" I'm working on can get finished, but I keep discovering ways to expand and generating new topic clusters.

I don't want to keep what I have in this one guide because I think it will dilute the targeted keyword/search intent, so I want to break it out into their own sections.

Because I keep running into this, I feel like I never make progress because it takes me so long to "finish" writing all these articles by myself. It takes multiple days or even a week or more sometimes to put all of this together.

Just feel frustrated with the process I guess and feel like I'm never going to "finish". At this rate, I could probably write for 6 months and still have topics I haven't fully satisfied.

Trying to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and writing isn't a strong skillset of mine. Just feel like it's taking me far too long to put this site together, and the goal post keeps moving farther and farther away as I uncover new ideas or find flaws in my initial plan.

My initial plan involved somewhere around 200 pages probably, but now I'm realizing I could probably write a 1000 or more, and still have more ways to expand lol.

Anyone else feel this way? Feel like I need a team of writers I can hand content briefs to in order to make this a reality lol. Not sure how normal that is, lol…

Apologize for the rambling brain dump. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I just needed some way to vent I guess and I don't have anyone that's interested/knowledgeable on this stuff or that can relate in anyway to talk to about it. Just feeling discouraged and want to complete this project really bad!
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While that will feel overwhelming, it's an amazing thing to have tbh!! Imagine running out of ideas to write? UGH! lol.

I would just focus on what you are writing, but then quickly make a note somewhere for an idea that branches off this. Don't write the whole idea down when u get these, just quickly jot down a one sentence / one word thing to remind u later.

ASwimmer ✍️
Yeah definitely, and the fact it's all relevant to the primary topic is a blessing. I guess I just don't enjoy the writing part as much as the analysis/research/exploration side of things haha. I feel so slow that it seems like I take one step forward and 2 steps back everyday and I'm not making progress (I know I am, but it doesn't feel like it). I mean I'll start writing one article, and then by the time I finish one I have like 3 more that I ended up extracting from the original article into their own because I was expanding too much and starting to dilute the intent and disrupt the flow of the article…

Not a terrible problem to have, I know, just overwhelming. Wish I had funds to hire a team of writers I could just hand content briefs to so I could get this up and moving faster…

Funny you mention hiring lol as I have been wondering about starting a blog again or actually just trying to find a job doing it and I did see 2 jobs this week doing it but then I was like "noooo if I do this, it makes sense to do it for myself lol".

I have spent the last 3-4 months stuck, failing before even starting is what I have been telling myself but actually, a lot of it's just been deciding/planning etc. I was so depressed last night that I had not even started yet and that I would just fail anyways so why bother lol but then I totally snapped out of it, everything just came together. A spark went off and I found something that helped me decide what topic to focus on for now and I instantly got so excited. I have a few topics/niches I wanna do u see but I was getting overwhelmed on were to start, and what to focus on mostly.

Told myself, what if it doesn't make money? I mean that isn't the main focus I will do it for tbh. So it became a new thought of "Do what u want to do because u love the topic, instead, not focusing on the money" and as soon as I did that. Sparks!! everything just felt right and I went from depressed and overwhelmed to Excited and wanting to begin 😀 I was annoyed because it always happens when I am about to go to bed lol and then today I was at work all day so I couldn't get started but now I am prepping for it and tomorrow I am going to start writing some of the site content 😀 then eventually get it all up and rolling. First time I have felt good about a web project in years!

Also, like you. I have too many ideas for articles/psts to write about now too 😀 which is amazing for me because I was actually wondering how I could keep up the articles previously I thought I would eventually run out of content! but right now I should have quite a bit to get me started 😀

So hang in there and keep going, you got this! and so do I! 😀
ASwimmer ✍️
Ha yeah I know the feeling. A month ago I woke up in the middle of the night and started mind mapping my project out. When I stepped back I realized I had well over 100 nodes linking together, and saw 2 dozen ways to potentially monetize it.

Been looking for a niche for awhile now and this just kinda fell in my lap. I've started many projects over the last 3 or 4 years, and they've all been only for the purpose of generating cash and all failed cause I wasn't actually interested in the topic.

This project stemmed just from trying to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and see if I could rank it well and forgoing the monetization aspect for now entirely. If I can generate traffic I'll worry about monetizing, until then just focusing on trying to learn SEO and improve my skillsets while writing about something I actually enjoy doing I guess lol. Now I got such a massive to do list I almost don't even know what to focus on first lol
haha it is a great position to be in though. I spent a lot of my youth always busy working on stuff. The past 10 years I have been a bit lost but now I have some ideas. Which I almost stopped myself from doing because I know how much time and effort it takes to do blogging and stuff like this so I told myself don't do it what if it's all for nothing and you could of been earning money from a job instead lol. However I have a job still that pays the bills, and that is fine. I will do this in my spare time, and chill with it but the best part enjoy it because I am actually going to do it on a niche I like and have a passion for, that is the winning combo! If it makes money great. If it doesn't then it doesn't matter so long as I am enjoying it. I hope to eventually gain a following, maybe have regular interactions with a community that maybe will build from writing good stuff. Fingers crossed 😀


One of the simplest ways to get through this frustration is to remember that you run a blog, and that you are not writing a book or doing something incredibly comprehensive from a post-to-post perspective.

Each post needs to be only 800-1500 words in most cases to get the job done. From there, congratulate yourself and feel good about publishing one more rich solution for your readers. That post will help many people. Feel good about that. Most importantly, since you feel good about the post you won't feel the need to squeeze 5 or 10 more posts out of it quickly. Sure you can flesh it out into 5-10 posts over the next few months but the point of blogging is not to create overwhelming work for yourself, but to publish one helpful post-solution at a time, to have fun and to empower readers, one post at a time.

You are doing great. I admire your vision too. Simply try to take single post baby steps over years versus trying to rush the process of taking much bigger, more burdensome, challenging steps over days, weeks or months.


PS…No human is ever done, work-wise. Everything is a work in progress, everywhere. Be as present as possible, have fun with the work and let it go when you complete each post. This is a peaceful approach to blogging.

ASwimmer ✍️
Thanks, I appreciate your comments.

I do feel like I'm trying to write a book exactly haha. The content I'm creating is somewhere in-between a blog and a resource for beginners on my particular topic of choice. I guess that's why I feel as if I need to pump out all the relevant articles asap surrounding the topic.

I suppose the fact that I'm using this site as a means to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and further my web development skills primarily so I can get into a job doesn't help the overwhelming feeling. My last job ended (construction), and am stuck either waiting for the next project to start or preferably land a dev/SEO career. Watching my savings disintegrate isn't helping the overwhelming feeling, so I think I'm just trying to force this site together in the hopes it lands me a job or actually turns into my job(one can only hope!)

Definitely trying to take it one post at a time. Again I appreciate your input.

There are two types of bloggers. One that always has writer block and can't get going. The other can't stop writing.I'm exactly like you and to be honest, I'd rather pull back then need to get through a block.

I'm finally getting a process down that works for me. I start big picture with the main keyword. Create an outline of big picture topics everyone else is covering that's now my minimum.

If I see a subtopic or two that I feel are necessary I'll add them but will not go too deep into them. If I feel like going deep, they'll be a separate article I will link to from this brief article.

I then H3 a few key topics in the mini articles (the H2s).Within each H3 I will bullet point keywords or phrases I want to hit.

Instead of just rambling and going down rabbit holes, I found this new process keeps me focused before writing. And the writing now is only a sentence or two at a time – because it's all mapped and thought out.

Don't know if this process is right for someone else, but iIve found this has really helped me a lot. Basically learned it when I went back to fix up my older content and realized what a mess it was lol.

best of luck
Yep and I totally understand the need for a brain dump every now and then, in fact, more often than not.

What I've actually been doing lately, is brainstorming the posts that I'm going to write, and inserting all the keywords, not only for SEO purposes, but also to remind myself of the target points that I'm going to be making in that post. So it really takes the pressure off in a sense because I know that when I've got time to sit down and do it, because that's the kind of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder weirdo I am, , I can hammer 6, 7 or 8 articles out and schedule them to post throughout the next week or next fortnight, and I'll repeat the process throughout the week for the next lot of drafts et Cetera.

If you were to look at my blog right now, you would see hardly anything, but that's because I spent way too much over tweaking the design, which I'm still not happy with it all, ok maybe a little bit, but at least I know that very soon that content will just be coming out on the regular.

You'll have to forgive the eloquence or lack thereof in this post as I'm using dictation, because my fingers don't seem to be working properly now that I've upgraded my phone to a larger size. LOL
Oh I get you so much and so well!

No writer block on my end, but at least 150 drafts and more pictures for more articles on my PC and phone.

I just created a plan on Google Sheets to try and keep it balanced between my niches… That I barely follow anyway because there's always something more 'urgent' to write.

Just write down ALL your ideas in cluster lists on Sheets or a notebook, then get back to it later.

And see it positively, you don't have writer's block! ❤️
I feel very similar to you!

I waited so long to publish my site because i wanted it to be "PERFECT". I bought the domain and it sat there for months.. One day I said, f*ck it and posted it and worked out the kinks later.

I am writing because I love to write and while I would love to capitalize on my blog, I also have to remind myself that I am doing this for me first! I have so many topics that I am interested in and well-versed in but I am not sure where my audience will fall yet. So to ease the pressure off myself, I have committed to myself that I will post once a week… and whatever category it falls under it falls under.

From there, I have been monitoring traffic and interest levels and trying to build a base of followers. So far, I have not been the most successful since I personally know everyone who is subscribed to my blog currently… BUT, I am counting it as an accomplishment anyways because I am being consistent and creative and it is helping me figure out the possibilities for the future of my blog but also giving me an idea of what people are reading. Some of the stuff I push out there doesn't do as well as others but it gives me an idea of traffic and interest and HOPEFULLY I will start getting new followers.

I think it's important to remember that you are doing something new (I'm assuming) and it's a learning curve in the beginning. Just be patient and figure it out as you go. Consistency is more important than perfect.


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