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Re: Answers From My $450k AMA Hey everybody,
Not sure why, but for some reason, people were not able to view my replies to the questions that I posted in my Ask Me Anything (AMA)…
My guess is that because I just made this account, Reddit didn't like me leaving 40+ comments on a thread in one sitting.
So I decided I would put together a post and get the questions and answers in one place while also adding a little sauce on top of what I already wrote.
Let's dive in…

So what do you actually write? VSL? Emails? Web copy?

No web copy, I usually focus on having a high ticket front end offer, either a sales letter or a VSL, and then the natural upsell for the client is hey do you need some emails? upsell letters? Upsell VSLs? Ad Scripts?
I try not to use low-ticket stuff like emails and web copy because it just attracts shit clients!
Focus on people who got money to spend.
This is why I think only knowing one form of copy (i.e. Emails) is kind of dumb, you want to be full-stack so you can help a client in multiple different areas, and funny enough, having a better talent stack will also make you way more money.

What percent of your $450k income is from copywriting for clients vs selling your coaching/mentoring/courses?

Pretty much all of it dude, I really didn't sell much coaching last year because I was entirely focused on executing client projects and they just kept coming.
I think I made like 20-30k from coaching? Everything else is projects!
I do want to focus more on coaching this year as I got kind of burnt out towards the end of the year and I'm at a point where I don't have imposter syndrome trying to help people because I've helped several dudes hit $10-20k a month as copywriters starting from scratch.
I would say in < year > I'll probably be 50/50 but in < year > it was literally like 95/5.

I also work as a copywriter but don't make anywhere near as much money. How did you go about finding these clients/reaching out to them? Also, what rates were you charging them?

I focus on networking with people on Facebook and just getting really well connected in the digital marketing industry, they naturally start sending me clients as referrals.
When I was first starting out, I did A LOT of cold outreach by email, literally hundreds and hundreds of emails.
I recommend doing a mix of both when you're starting out and then eventually going all in on just networking 🙂
And then rates vary from project to project, anywhere from $35k-70k.

Serious question-do you have any moral issues with working with people like Belfort and Jones? Is there any company/client/cause you would turn down?

I don't like selling total bullshit. Like reverse Alzheimer's or something like that which has no proof and is just a scam.
With Jordan, we're selling a sales course, I have zero problem writing for that, and why should I? I personally have learned a shit ton from Jordan and I think anyone can.
Same with Alex, does he say crazy stuff that I don't agree with? Totally. Does he say a lot of stuff that I agree with and do I think people going through InfoWars will benefit from it?
Yes. Some people will certainly disagree with Alex, I don't really care, I love the dude outside of the craziness haha
I never take on anything to do with religion, or like supplements that don't work, and I stay away from pretty much all Clickbank offers, too aggressive for me and morally it doesn't sit well.
I'll add these two points as well…
• Jordan served his time in jail. Does that mean he's should be blacklisted for life? From trading, maybe. Information selling? No. Do you not think that someone who's arguably one of the greatest salespeople of all time can't help someone get better at selling? It's not like I'm writing this dude VSLs for more scams. He sells a high-quality information product around how to sell more effectively, I found it immensely useful.
• There's about a mile-long laundry list of things Alex has predicted, and also a very long list of him being wrong. I think he's a good guy, and the product he put together was very useful and I believe in it. Whether or not you believe in what Alex talks about is up to you! We got literally hundreds and hundreds of testimonials on the product from people saying they loved it!

Did you ever stretch the truth as much as one would call it lie?

I wouldn't say I blatantly lie, but do I stretch the truth? I guess. But it's like if the waiter at a restaurant tells you the steak is phenomenal and then it's just okay, is he lying? Or is it subjective and you just think differently?
I try and stay away from blatant bullshit like reverse diabetes and Alzheimers stuff or really any of the Clickbank stuff that's like if you don't take this you'll DIE!! haha
I personally write for stuff I believe in.

How many hours would you say you work per week?

It varies man, sometimes I work a shit ton because I took a lot of clients on, I've had a lot of 80 hour work weeks, but sometimes I do 4-5 hours a day.
I think it's all about what season in life you're entering into, right now I can feel that I'm about to enter into a pretty intense season that's going to require a lot for me. Thus, I scale back my degenerate behaviors and addiction to women so I can have more time for work lol.

Okay, what are your thoughts on programs like AWAI and Writers Work? Are they worth it for newbies trying to break into copywriting, or are they scams? What would your advice be on how to get into the industry without any experience?

Great question.
I personally haven't used these programs, so I can't say. I don't think they're scams, I think a lot of the people on here saying every course is a scam need to really look at the limiting beliefs they hold.
I think it's important to realize that because you don't agree with someone, doesn't make them a scam.
A scam would be me blatantly lying to you sell you something useless.
Telling you that a product would do so and so and it does NOT do so and so.
Knowledge is power, if you want to crush it as a copywriter you need to be obsessed. This craft has to consume your thoughts.
So I can't say whether or not they're worth joining or not.
If you don't have any experience here's what I would do…
• Buy the top 10 copywriting books on Amazon, read through all of them so you can go get a feel for what you need to do
• Create a make-believe product and write some emails, a sales letter, and Facebook ads for the product (you can YouTube how to do this too) use this as a portfolio, you can also do this with a real product
• take this to an offer owner, write them some stuff, and offer to work for free. More than likely you can turn that free role into a paid role if you just show initiative and work hard. It's the same thing with Agency owners, there are TONS of agency owners I know who are desperate for copywriters.
That's how I did it.

What advice can you offer someone who's just starting out?

My original response to this was "What are you looking to achieve?" but because that person can't respond I'll just assume they want to start making like $10k a month as a copywriter.
I think it's important to know where you're at in your journey and the 4 core fundamental areas you need to work on.
• Digital Marketing
• Copywriting
• Sales
• Mindset
This is what I like to call "The Abundant Copywriter's Talent Stack" if you can get really proficient in those 4 areas, you're going to do really well for yourself assuming you're not lazy but that kind of ties into #4.
When you're first starting out I would just flood your mind with copywriting and digital marketing information to help drill that into your subconscious.
Once you get somewhat competent I would then just focus on selling, this includes the act of putting yourself out there to sell your services and then also consuming information around selling. Also I would make sure to continue to improve your copy chops by practicing consistently and actively reading through offers that are working TODAY.
I see so many copywriters write their shit like it's 1960 and it's because they're trying to imitate the GOATS like Halbert, Schwartz, Robert Collier and so on. These guys are great, but you need to be able to talk to people like it's < year >, so consume their knowledge but make sure you're also reading stuff from this era.
Throughout your entire journey it's extremely important to focus on leveling up your mindset. Let's assume everyone in this subreddit has an IQ of 100, we all know that nobody can have 10X your IQ, but then why do people make 10X, 100X, or 1000X more than you do? Because they think bigger than you.
It's not just business mindset, I also mean just leveling up YOU. I talk to a lot of what I call, "Copy Dorks" who make good money as a copywriter, but they're skinny af, struggle with women, (sorry ladies, I don't talk to a whole lot of female copywriters but the ones I do are badasses!), and overall are just 100% a beta.
What good is making money if you aren't in great health, have a great network, a handful of close friends, and an active dating/sexual life?
I think it's important to not look at this journey as a money journey but as a journey towards greatness, and I think asking yourself, "Who do I need to become to make the money I want?" is crucial. Chances are that version of you is not a dork and is a total savage. Become that.

How do you get clients and then what's your offer? Do you demand a retainer for 6 months or something similar?

So let's start with how to get clients…
The truth is you need to have gotten people results and you need to be good at what you do. If you're not willing to become obsessed I don't think much will come your way. Like seriously when people get on calls with me they tell me they've never had someone understand the craft as deeply as I do, that's because this has consumed my life for the last 3 years. They could've talked to 4 copywriters before me and none of those other people get a shot.
When you're good at what you do, and you've gotten results, all you need to do is know people. The digital marketing industry is extremely tight, and if you know 100 people, each one of those people knows 100 people, that's a lot of possible connections.
Seriously all I do is talk to people in the DM industry, media buyers, offer owners, other copywriters, landing page people, all dem.
I don't network like a professional, I try to create friendships and make it so they actually want to talk to me! A lot of this comes with just being good at socializing, knowing how to lead a conversation, and honestly, this is kind of weird, but loving yourself and not needing anything from them.
That kind of energy is extremely attractive and it makes it so people are wanting to connect with you and want to connect you with others.
So in short, get connected in the industry, get good at what you do 🙂
Retainers, eh.
I just sell a full package up front that may last 1-3 months.

How do you prospect for clients?

Yeah so I'll answer this with two ways one for someone who has no results or experience and one for someone who does…
No experience
Go on Facebook, search people like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens, and so on. Go to their ads, go to thei landing pages. What happens is now you're going to get ads targeted by other offer owners, and when you scroll through Facebook BOOM you have literally unlimited leads. Just keep clicking through on the offer landing pages so the algorithm sends more people your way.
And then with experience…
I would just focus on networking in the DM industry and the projects will come to you.
I have somehow managed to get my foot in the door and have a meeting with a dream client next week. The only problem is I don't have a portfolio or background in "Copywriting". They've stated they wish to know more about my background. I don't know if it's a good idea to tell them that "fake it till I make it" is where I'm coming from…

What approach can I take before this meeting and during to lock in this client? It would be an absolute win and exactly what I need.

Be honest and be hungry.
I would just give them a no-brainer offer.
Tell them…
"Yeah so just want to be completely honest guys if you were to hire me you'd be my first client. I've been working extremely hard on getting my copy chops up and I know I can crush this for you guys. I'm extremely confident in that. But I totally know for you guys that it could be difficult to hire someone who has no experience, so here's what I want to do…"
If it's a retainer deal, offer to do 2-4 weeks of free work upfront.
If it's a package deal, offer to get paid once they're totally satisfied.
A lot of copywriters are like ewww free work and that's why they're broke. I did dozens of free projects and expected nothing in the world.
At worst you got some good practice, at best you land a client.
You got this! Keep me in the loop my friend.

3 legitbait prompts:
You will never make it as a copywriter if you don't…
The biggest misconception about copywriting is…
All of my best performing work has this one thing in common:

What a fantastic question! I'm excited to answer this one.
You will never make it as a copywriter if you don't open your mind to start thinking like a business owner, get good at sales, and become well connected in the industry. I think so many copywriters want to do this lone wolf introvert shit and it's probably the path of MOST resistance! learn to be a very social, lovely, and warm personality and you'll be amazed how many amazing opportunities come your way.
The biggest misconception about copywriting is probably that the only way you can make any money is by scamming people. Lol I'm honestly shocked how many people called Jordan Belfort and Alex Jones a scam, there's nothing scammy about what they do, Jordan has an amazing sales education product, Alex had a very entertaining and useful education product. The people who bought these products got value from it, and that's to me is probably the furthest thing from a scam. Like my good friend Stefan Georgi had a large portfolio of black hat projects and he regrets it a lot, but I don't think that makes him a bad person. Stefan is one of the kindest people I know and I love the friendship we've created.
All of my best-performing work has this one thing in common: deeply thought-out persuasion.

I'm transitioning to copywriting as an English teacher and freelance videographer w a degree in film production. How can I best leverage my experience to springboard into copywriting?

I would 100% focus on offer owners who need YouTube ads. Get good at writing ad scripts and then make a few free ads for prospects.
That's in extremely high demand right now, there's no reason why you can't be making $20k a month doing that!
VSLs are also useful which is what I do and need help with, please shoot me a message I would love to talk with you and see if maybe we could work together on something? Cheers.

Did you steadily build your income and clients over time or was there a specific change you made that really accelerated your earnings?

Yes and yes.
I focused on becoming a better version of me, and leveling up my own mindset. It's not enough to just work more to make more.
You must BECOME the person who is capable of making 20-30-50-100k a month. And a lot of that is mastering your thoughts, how you view the world inside and outside, and what your inner conversation is looking like.
When I stopped f*cking around and took my shit extremely seriously, I attracted ridiculous amounts of revenue.

Have you hired a Virtual Assistant (VA), editor, writers, or other people to help you scale that much? What's the one thing you implemented in your business that you think helped propel you to where you are now?

Sometimes if I have overflow work I'll hire one of my mentees, and I have a video editor who helps me with projects.
Hmm the one thing…
Giving vicious amounts of value to my networking and expecting nothing in return.
If this is real why are you advertising working with Alex Jones
Because we need to stop the globalists 🤣
Are you self taught?
Self-taught and mentors.
Hey did you write the launch VSL for Alex Jones' newsletter service? Cause that was dope.
Thank you brother, I did 🙂

I'm from a 3rd world country and I'm struggling to make ends meets as a freelancer. My question to you sir is, Where and how?

There are plenty of copywriters in third world countries making good money as copywriting, it's a limiting belief.
But I would say work on your English a lot and that should help make it so you can actually write for people.

How would you say is the best way to attract high-quality clients that are willing to pay you multiple 4-figures +10% royalty at the beginning of your copy career?

Yo! Good question.
I would say get some results under your belt before royalty deals, I just wrote up a really long post on cold outreach I'll be posting up in the next few days which you should check out.

How do you write your VSL's and Sales letters? do you follow a structure or formula?

No two are the same but here's one…
• Pattern Interrupt
• State the problem and that this video will fix it
• Build Up Interest with benefits
• Explain the problems and why they happen
• Explain the solution and why it works
• Dive into the offer
• Future pace
• Call to Action (CTA)

That's All For The Questions, However, I Have A Few More Points To Add…

That was so much fun and I'm truly honored to help you guys on your journey, this is the first time I've done an Ask Me Anything (AMA).
There were two things that really stood out to me, and while this is going to be some tough love, I only write this because I genuinely want you all to get what you want from this game.
I'm not writing this out of being offended or upset, I'm writing this because I know there is at least one or two people (hopefully more!) who could have massive breakthroughs from reading this.
The first thing that was very alarming to me was how many people were upset I didn't respond right away and started posting snarky remarks about it.
When I was first starting out I remember thinking that if people didn't respond to me right away, I also thought they didn't like me or I would get bitter, so I get it.
Truth be told, if you're thinking this way, you need to get busy.
If you were spending all day banging cold outreach, practicing your copy chops, working out, reading personal development stuff, taking care of your diet and health, along with whatever responsibilities or jobs you have, there is ZERO reason why you should be wondering why people aren't responding to you and posting comments like that.
Thinking like that will just hold you back and I don't want that for you, and neither should you!
The key to success in this game is to be taking MASSIVE ACTION at all times when you're first starting out which means getting off Reddit and getting busy my friends!
In that 24 hour span, I wrote a script for a client, put out Facebook content, went out on a date, grabbed lunch with a friend, connected my crypto friend with one of my financial offer friends and started negotiations for a new offer they can JV on and I'm going to write for, and went to a dinner with four 7/8 figure business owners talking about offers they're working on and one I'm trying to launch, one of those could turn into a deal easily.
I'm not saying it to brag, I'm saying this to show you that if you're constantly getting shit done and enjoying your life, there's no time to be on Reddit wondering why didn't so and so respond to me? Why didn't this client hit me back?
Change that mindset and I guarantee you'll double your income this year! You can do it, I promise!
Make your time valuable as hell!
Second thing that seriously stood out was how many people again threw insults (which will always put you in the inferior position of the debate btw) and said I was a scammer, worked with scammers, and that I was a POS. Hey you're entitled to your opinion and I understand why you feel that way.
I'm going to move through this point logically and then dive into some metaphysical points.
I said this earlier, but it's worth repeating…
I just think so many people in this space are trigger-happy on calling everything a scam, and to me I think it's important to realize that because you don't agree with someone, doesn't make them a scam.
A scam would be me blatantly lying to you sell you something useless.
Telling you that a product would do so and so and it does NOT do so and so.
Neither Alex Jones or Jordan Belfort (previous clients) have products that do that, Jordan has a very valuable sales training product which I highly recommend you guys take, it helped me A LOT…
And Alex has an entertaining and informative global political information product that his audience was ecstatic to join, we literally had HUNDREDS of testimonials come in from people saying how much they loved it.
Where is the scam?
Yes, Jordan went to jail and screwed over a lot of people, I don't agree with what he did and I think he deserved his sentence and I'm happy he's paid back a lot of the people he wronged.
Yes, Alex said some WILD shit that I 100% disagree with and is a total nut case on air sometimes haha.
Doesn't mean that their information isn't extremely useful and valuable to their audience and others!
So there's the logical perspective, let's go a little deeper into the meta…
The entire concept of manifestation and attraction is based on the exchange of energy.
If I scream and yell at you, you'll feel bad. This is because I sent negative energy your way, and that created negative energy for you.
If I compliment you and give you uplifting words of encouragement, you'll feel good. This is because I sent positive energy your way, and that created positive energy for you.
Can we agree landing AWESOME clients is positive energy? Yes?
Can we agree that making the income you want with copywriting and continuing to grow that is positive energy? Yes?
Then why in the hell are you sending negative energy out in the world?
ESPECIALLY on Reddit, are you f*cking 12 years old in an MW2 Lobby?
Grow up, it shows how little money you make.
I can't name one of my high 6 fig/7 fig/8 fig friends that acts like that.
It's a toxic mentality that will keep you broke.
Doesn't mean you need to agree with anyone, but it certainly means I would never recommend someone use their time on this earth to spread negative energy.
I get it, we stray from this, I certainly do, but I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn't share all this with you because I was once doing the same shit.
I mean obviously we're on the internet and it's easy to be a keyboard warrior lol It's to be expected but I just think it's an easy way to hold you back!
I want to be here to help you guys go make a killing and truly enjoy the fruits of this amazing craft which I have fallen deeply in love with.
Hope this woke a few of you up and illuminated the path you need to be on.

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