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Is it a good idea to start a personal blog with many niches?

I've been thinking about starting a personal blog with a very general domain name (not thought about a name yet) but I want to write about many things. Whatever I feel. For example one day I want to write about some people and their hardships in daily life. Next day I would like to write about careers, the next day I would write about travel, next day just ranting about stuff. Etc. Is it a good idea? Please let me know what the experts (you) think 🤔
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A Personal Blog With Many Niches

Personally I'd say start with 1, maybe 2 if you feel up to it but keep them categorized for each niche (site for careers, another about hardships, etc.)
Start with 1 to just learn and move more with the flow of things. Categorizing your content will help your visitors a lot more too because they know whatever they're interested in, your site is the place to go for it, which doesn't work as well if you place them all in 1 area and Google I believe doesn't rank you as high either since it needs time, tags, titles, etc. to understand your site and what it's about.

You could maybe intertwine them and link to each other if it makes sense like an article on careers and linking it to an article regarding hardships if it's career related but start small. Master getting 1 blog really good compared to a few mediocre ones and build from there.

Karia ✍️
Yes this is what people do a lot but honestly I don't want to buy more than 1 domain and handle multiple sites. That's why I was trying to do it all in one site.

Either way it sounds like you'd have to handle multiple sections and they might as well be standalone sites with a variety of content
You mentioned about having a very general domain name which could actually work in your favor since I believe subdomains might be helpful (basically same site, different categories)
As far as I know, most hosting services let you create your own domain and subdomains still count towards that one area meaning you still only pay for 1 site as long as they don't have different site names

Good example is New York Times, obviously they're a newspaper (nytimes.com) but sometimes they have cooking recipes so they have a subdomain for that (cooking.nytimes.com)

If you plan on writing different things, just be sure to make them into their own subdomain to get the most benefit. Google will not penalize you in rankings by having subdomains, basically more helpful content in general on your site the better in their eyes for your reputation, even if they are in different categories and a wide variety of things.
Karia ✍️
Ahhh subdomain. Why didn't I think about it. Jeez I'm a web developer myself and I didn't think about sub domains 🤣🤣🤣. Thanks for this idea. Now I need to find a good general purpose domain. I already have hosting
Glad my suggestion came through then
I'm honestly no expert but decided to try to answer anyway XD
Hope everything goes well with your future endeavors and hopefully I can come across your blog one day 💗.
Karia ✍️
Ayy thanks 🙏
This is so helpful…I'm doing a similar thing as OP and I needed this info. Do you have links to your own blogs I can check out
Haha, as much as I'd like to help you with better advice
I'm certainly no expert and my blog is still in the making

I honestly don't feel confident enough sending my link yet since it's just getting started and more importantly it doesn't look too good on mobile imo lol
if you are that curious I plan to leave it in my Reddit profile as a link later this week when I sort out that mobile issue out
My blog doesn't have subdomains anyway but it'll be nice to see how both of your blogs turn out
Looks like we're all starting around the same time so best of luck to all of us
I'll happily answer other questions to specifically help your site though.
What I lack in experience I might've made up for in research

As a commercial project it's not a great idea, I mean you could make a handful of cents with it each month (I do) but it's certainly not money changing money like a focussed niche could be.

However as an outlet for your writing and creativity though, it's great. Naturally it'll take a while to build any kind of audience but you do get to form your own style and you're not burdened by writing about one thing over and over again. Just make sure what you write can be appreciated by your audience – if you're boring yourself doing it, they're not going to love it either.

I have two blogs at the moment –

One I work on almost daily and recently it was to record my day to day because otherwise I'd forget without anything to look back on (working the early shift can do that). Occasionally on the same blog I'll write up something when the mood strikes be it about my books, old arcade games or something creative. It's on a free blogging service, runs adsense auto ads and is creeping up to 600 posts.

The other is a self hosted car blog. I write for it once or twice a month. It has half the number of posts but they're all automotive related, it's got ezoic ads and Amazon links.

You can easily guess which one makes the most money. But the personal one is far more fun to work on.

edit: For everyone asking about the blogs (thanks for the messages!) the personal one is at almigo.blogspot.com while the car focused one is driveanotherday.com. If you've got any questions on either, just shoot me a note!

Karia ✍️
Wow that's a very good result and work you have going on. Can you Direct Message (DM) me your blog links please?

How much is your car site pulling monthly
At this stage enough to pay for its own hosting and anything over that is a bonus 😀

Edit: I should add that's just adsense. Amazon affiliates brings about $50 a year on top of that from all the o rings and breaker bars I help sell. And then there's ezoic which was working okay until I ran into issues and I'm still trying to get it back to where it was.

Before getting into the actual part, I must say one thing.

• What is your blogging goal?

Just write for a hobby (or) create a passive income.

Your idea can be executed only if you don't have any plans to make money from your content. If not so, then you should stop thinking of bringing in multiple niches under a single domain.

Karia ✍️
Everyone's goal is to at least make some sort of money from this. Not a crazy amount but maybe at least funding the blog for starters and then funding for things which I'd blog about like travel and stuff.

But another goal is just to have an audience who I would be close to. Someone on this post commented about having sub domains for each niche which I think I will be going with in the future. For now I will focus on one niche and if I get good traffic then I'll expand to sub domains with different niches or maybe even whole new domain (who knows)

So you have the point. You might want to build an audience base. Isn't it? Think of yourself, how can you build an audience from all niches unless you are a subject-matter expert in all niches?

If you want to build an audience in Travel Niche, you have to focus on that particular niche and put more efforts to dominate your competitors. So that, people will start following you.

Same way,

If you want to build an audience in Finance Niche, you have to follow the same process.

Now, the question is, can you prove to be a subject-matter expert in both travel and finance at the same time parallel?

Now, compare other niches.

People will follow us only if we add some credibility and knowledge to the community.
Karia ✍️
You are right, I realise this issue now. What niche I want to do is not related to finance and it won't make me good money in the long term either.

I wanted to write about people and how difficult their lives can be. For example a guy who is poor and what his problems will be and a rich guy and what problems he would have.

I wanted to write about stress and depression in people's lives. I'd ask their story and I will reform it in a blog friendly way and publish it
I have just given a reference and you can apply the concept.

Coming to your question, I don't think that this particular niche have that much audience volume. Because a few years back, I have started a blog on almost similar topic as what you have planned now?

Depression, Anxiety, etc.

But, people aren't interested to spend time on these types of blog posts. Tried for a year and dropped it.
Karia ✍️
Ohh 😯 maybe I'll have to look into this myself before actually starting. At the end I might just end up doing something else maybe

Ask yourself what your goal with blogging is. If you are blogging to make money then it's a bad idea and you need to focus your articles into a much more specific topic. If you are blogging to have fun and express yourself creatively with written words with no concern for income or audience engagement then it's a great idea.

Karia ✍️
I want to write about people and create an audience but money is not completely out of the equation. Of course I would like to make some money out of it. If that's difficult then I may scrap the idea

Are you an expert in the field of "people?" Are there individuals out there saying "where is Karia I want to read their perspective on (some group of people or individual)." If you've become an expert in "people" and have a dedicated and storied career, there's an audience out there looking specifically for your perspective, then go for it.

The main way, however, that blogs build an audience is through search engine optimization. In order to gain ranking on Google (I say Google specifically because it's the main search engine used) you need to show them that you know what you're talking about. You do this by writing about the things people are out there Googling. To build expertise in an area in Google's eyes means you need to write very specific content. You also have to change the way you write it so that Google crawlers read it and it checks the boxes in the algorithm. Having a very broad topic like "people" would be almost impossible to make it to the first page of Google because each article you write would be contending with some other blog that has much more authority than you because while you have one post on one specific person or group of people, some other blog out there has dedicated their entire domain to it.

If you are writing just to write, then go for it and good luck. Enjoy yourself and don't look at the stats of traffic to your site. It just all depends on how you define the success of your blog. If it brings you joy and stimulates your creative side and that's all you're after then it's a success.

Definitely stick to one niche.

The world trusts specialists who do one thing well.

Would you go to a doctor who also delivered pizzas, worked as a garbageman, practiced law and delivered the mail? Nope. You and I trust doctors who give 100% of their professional time and energy to being a doctor.

You, as an amateur blogger, are identical to the doctor. People will follow a specialist blogger who covers one niche and distrust a generalist blogger who tries to be a jack of all trades, but masters none.

Remember; a blog is partially for you but mostly for the readers who follow it.

Think about the readers who would follow your blog, their needs, wants and expectations. Then, it is easy to see why you should cover only one niche.


Karia ✍️
I have no niche I could specially cover and stick to.

Personally, I think it's a bad idea unless the focus of your personal blog is to help you build a personal brand.

In other words, you're trying to get people to be loyal to you and what your interests may be both today and possibly in the future.

When you have positioned yourself as "the product" that you're promoting with your personal blog, you can go into a wide range of other niches in the future.

It wouldn't matter.


Because your fan base is still going to follow you regardless of the product.

For example, you can start off as a mommy blogger, talking about parenting, tips, tricks, and issues.

And then once you get that following, you can talk about financial issues because being a parent doesn't come cheap.

Money issues will eventually become part of the conversation.

And then from there, you can talk about DIY topics as you fix stuff around the house and then you can segue to crafts.

I hope you get the point.

The point is people are following you for your personality, but you're leading them through these different related niches that flow naturally from your original topics.

That's how you start a personal blog and engineer it in such a way that you can organically grow as your interests change or expand over time.

Remember, with personal blogs, you are the product.

And this is what makes it so easy and so hard at the same time because it all depends on your interests while at the same time, you have to be focused and thorough enough so that whatever you talk about actually adds value to the people who have invested their time in watching and reading your stuff.

Another great thing that I love about personal blogs is that it is very video-centric.

What I mean by that is you can shoot a video and have it transcribed and fed into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to come up with an SEO-optimized blog post.

You can then take that video and upload it to your YouTube channel and cut it into several TikTok clips.

You can also upload the clips to YouTube shorts or your Instagram account.

You can then take your transcript and strip it down into different questions and answers and you have yourself a set of Quora content.

You can then even boil things down even more when you have yourself a series of tweets.

You can take the screenshots and turn them into Pinterest pins.

I could go on and on.

The great thing about all of this is it just starts with you, expressing your passions in front of a camera, and everything else flows from it.

This is why I think personal blogging is an awesome way to blog.

You're driven by passion and you're really not doing much research because you're focusing on what you've done and what you know.

You're not stepping outside your comfort zone while at the same time, you're creating content that you can repurpose and upload to many different platforms to draw traffic from those different platforms.

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