4 Pillars of Social Media Marketing

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Basics On Social Media Marketing (Not Bullshit Approach)
I am so tired of people trying to scam, or sell some bullshit program on this subreddit, I am going to make a post on the basics of social media marketing. I will put solid content, not the fluff piece of shit most people recommend to read here. Yes looking at you seth godin.

The post will be in broken english, as It is not my native language. Sorry for that.


1-The essentials.

2-Why most people are doing it all wrong.

3-What no one speak of: Industry best practices.

4-Why most people can't sell shit.

1- The essentials:

Well, I am going to focus on the essentials first. The basic stuff. The building blocks of any social media marketing strategy. WHY? Because it is the most important, if you fail here, everything else is going to fail. We are going to analyze the substrate of Instagram's users behavior, but it really can be applied to any other social network.

First of all there is one principle you have to understand. People will follow you on social media only and only if they can get some value from that. They have to benefit from it.

People won't follow insta accounts to see f*cking ads. I have seen a good number of accounts that are basically ads. Justin won't follow you, or be interested in your business if you only upload pictures of the shit you are selling. You need to bring value to the table (I mean it is instagram so the bar is pretty dam low). I am bringing value with this posts (pls hire me I need to eat. – It is a joke don't delete the post-).

Second Principle: You have to interact with people. You need to reach out. The no-scalable-shit is what matters in the beginning, YOU ALL WANNABE ENTREPRENEURS are doing it all f*cking wrong if you are not doing this. Most people want to put 300 USD in ADs make 500 USD as a profit, scale the shit out of that and be rich by the end of the year. Well, not gonna happen, at least with low entry markets.

You need to talk to people, follow them, make no spammy comments, send direct messages (DM)s complimenting them. Those are 300-400 possible customers a day, every day, that's 10k a month, and 120k possible customers a year. YES IF YOU ARE COCA COLA you can skip this part, but if you are just starting this is the cheapest advertising you will ever get.

Third principle: Your business will need time. I am tired of seeing bullshit posts trying to sell crappy courses to people. "I am a 18 years old, partially blind, from west Angola and I made 2 millions usd in 3 weeks powerwashing churches on the weekend. Buy my course xdxd". Real businesses take time, and effort, and overcoming all the obstacles that will come in the way. Yes I also made a good amount of money with the spinners craze 2 years a go, guess how many spinners I am selling today?

2-Why most people are doing it all wrong.

Content is king is what most people say. Wrong. With the new algorithm of instagram

what matter is quality. If you upload shitty photos/videos/stories they get buried pretty damn fast. Instagram looks at the amount of people who just saw your post and how many engaged. Shitty post? It gets buried and nobody is gonna ever see it again.

Shitty post? They stop showing it to people. What's worse is that if you keep posting shitty content they start showing your content less and less.

It is preferable to post 4 times a month, super quality post than 15 shitty posts.

That's why it is also a Super bad idea to buy fake followers. Unless you have a really good reason, don't do it. If you do, also buy fake engagement. It is way better to have 1200 followers and an average of 200 likes per post, than 5k followers and 120 likes.

3-What no one speak of: Industry best practices.

-Influencers: Right now hiring influencers is the new "hot thing to do". Well… Not anymore. The market is saturated. Most influencers have fake followers, Fake engagement and shitty content. Most of them have 4 ADs posts for every real post.

Aniway.. Hiring influencers can still be a good idea. Forget any influencer with more than 20k followers. It is cheaper, and most of the time you will get WAY MORE SALES, with ten 10k accounts, than with one 100k. Why? Most of the time the smaller accounts have a stronger relationship with their followers than the bigger accounts. Bigger accounts most of the time are also spamming the shit out of their followers…

It is also better to get influencers who are influencers because of something outside instagram. Ie : Amateur athlete, Podcast hosts, Artist,etc than an influencer who only shows her ass. The formers will outsell the hot chick 99% of the time.

-ADs. Marketing gurus (Or Wizards, Ninjas, Warlords, or wharever name is cool now) are going to say a lot of shit most of you already know. It is common sense. . You know the drill. Impactful copy. A/B Testing. Call to action. Target demographic. Great Picture etc.

There is a lot of written about direct sales. There are amazing books from the 20th century about direct sales copy that still works great today, you can read from them instead of fluff books.

I am gonna introduce you, to a new pattern of ADs.

The, "Try to get people to know you before you sell them your crappy products you just brought from China method"

Why? Well most of the time, people are not so sure about buying what you are selling. With direct sales ADs, you are mostly targeting people who wants to buy your product RIGHT NOW.

Make an ad not trying to sell anything. Yes you heard right. Make a post bringing value in any form. Important content. Cool video. Give Away. Whatever you can think of.

Once you have a good amount of followers with great engagement, you can try to make them convert with call to action stories.

4-Why most people can't sell shit.

Most people can't sell shit because they haven't thought their social strategy from the bottom up. Most people follow what pieces of shit gurus says to the letter. Businesses are different guys. You cannot do the same strategy for a Business-to-Business (B2B) company who sells 2k USD and expect to work on your socks company.

There are certain products that work best with Influencers and some other works better with ADs, you have to test and most importantly, you have to think.

IE: Super cute coffe mug with stylish design is gonna sell way better with a cute chick influencer than a Vegan Matress.

Most important You have to create a story and sell it. Give meaning to your product.

I love the marketing behind BulletProof coffee. I mean, It is coffee with butter… Shitty product. Yet, their strategy was on point. They hired a bunch of productivity and motivational influencers, fabricated a bullshit Himalaya story, and made a 10/10 execution. Now they are swimming in money.

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