Someone Wanted Advice to Get Their Content Viral on Social Media

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Good Brand, Bad Marketing

My brand is great, and site viewers generate sales from anywhere between 1-5% conversion rate. But the thing is I'm not generating enough website visitors.

I'm using Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Influencer + organic content. But nothing seems to go viral/become profitable when I spend money. So it's the content/marketing strat that sucks.

If anyone can help me I'll pay them to offer advice/get me some solid content & strat so that I can really scale this brand.

Thanks! (goneuroboost . com)
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Someone Wanted Advice to Get Their Content Viral on Social Media

Do you track the keywords you rank for in Google right now? You want to create a strategy around keywords that people are actually searching for. Plugging your site into Google Keyword Planner is a really good way to see what Google thinks your site is about. If it's way off, it means you need to make some changes to your content strategy and create more relevant content. I notice you don't have a blog at the moment – can you create useful content that might be interesting to your potential customers? Maybe to do with studying/focusing at work/whatever you think your customers are using your product for?

mjkoch ✍️
Gotcha thank you

I do have an email list, I could use that content for blog posts. Would that help out?

My goal is to get a viral post on tiktok, so that's what I've been putting a majority of my energy into recently.

Also my Google ads account is banned. So I can't compete on Google until that account goes back up. Been working on this as well.

100% repurpose that email content for blog posts. And then you should promote that content back on email, social etc. Like someone else has said, blogs won't be the close – they're about introducing users to your product. Take a look at blogs like Ahrefs and SEMrush for help. Ahrefs has a YouTube series called 'Blogging for Business' which is useful.

Sounds like TikTok is a good place for you to reach customers but I have no advice on how to go viral unfortunately, too old 🤣

That is very unfortunate that your Google Ads account is banned. How did that happen? Have you checked whether you have any manual actions on your site as well
mjkoch ✍️
I'll look into that manual action thing you mentioned. I've seen that it's a common reason for sites getting banned but I didn't see a reason for it to be triggered on my site.

Google will disappear your website and insist you pay for clicks. Social media ads that aren't targeted to specific audiences aren't going to be efficient. Your best bet is custom targeted ads aimed at students, gamblers, executives, seniors, and other populations where high brain function is worth an investment in your product.

There are a few big agencies with the tools necessary such as but they work largely for Fortune 500 companies. There is a startup called Rocket Platform .com that offers Social Commerce campaigns, combining custom ad targeting with custom sales landing pages. They take a big chunk of revenue acting as a retailer and you become the drop shipper receiving wholesale prices, but they will scale up their ad expenditures big if the product is selling.
Good clean landing page with all the important stuff needed. From my experience, I'd forget about an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. You have a landing page not a website. Google wants to rank websites and in the healthcare niche it's just toooooo much work with just a landing page.

Blogs help inform and get your prospects familiar with YOU as well as the product. But focus all content on how you help them, how you know what they are going through, and how your product makes them feel better or be better than without it.

Every. Single. Blog Post.

Blog posts get people familiar with you and your products. It's a step in the sales process. It's not the close. Please don't treat it like it's the close.

But honestly, for your brand and store, email is the one thing that will make you better than all the rest. A solid email strategy of story driven emails related to how the product makes the reader a better version of themselves because of your product is your go to in my humble opinion.

Make sure your Klaviyo sequences are set up (see my continuing posts on Black Friday / Cyber Monday Domination) and you will not have to swim upstream in the river of competitive healthcare products.

All the best and keep working at it!
Hey, I really like your website, very professionally done. I see you have product images and also images of people using it, but what might help further is having some infographics on both the Home Page and product landing page that actually show the benefits of your product , infographic that in one glance can tell me ok this is how the product can help me. People can read the text but a good infographic saves a lot of their time with just one glance.

Regarding paid media traffic numbers, try using different graphics and test whats working best, just double down on one paid media platform if needed and test and focus on that untill you get your numbers high.

To hire someone try using , platforms like Fivr and Upwk to find professionals where you can go through their stars , Reviews to know their credibility. Those platforms might be better for hiring as compared to online forums here where you might hire someone without a reference.

Hope that helps, best of luck 👍
I would not say "Bad Marketing". I would recommend to balance it.

You've done social media, some Search Engine Advertising SEA and paid ads, but that's far from a complete marketing strategy.

I mean, you're doing Social Media, your website is mostly well designed, it's not bad marketing, it's just not finished.

First, on social media, do not hope for going viral. It will f*ck your energy up if not happening, and that's a matter of luck and trends. Just be consistent posting content, keep on trying new things, and if one works, then explore it.

On an another hand, your product could be great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing. Start blogging. Write content that answer real questions like "how to boost my brain?" or "What helps me working longer" or stuff like this. Do your research, check on AnswerThePublic or AlsoAsked what's the most searched queries and write content.

Also, get on YouTube. Create tutorials, tops… Bunch of things to do here as well.

On another note, polish your on-site marketing. Add some capture pop up, remove the discount unless it is really a discount period (black Friday, sales, cyber Monday…), create packages.

Alsoooo, as far as your product, I would suggest maybe to elaborate your range. Maybe focus on different things (Energy boost, Focus/Work boost, chill with CBD, Muscle/Nervous system boost…) or focus on tastes (mint, berries, citrus…) and create packages with different types! With colors and a graphic chart well established, it'll make your product more attractive!

If you have On-Site Call to Action (CTA), Emailing, Search Engine Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Ads and organic content on TikTok, YouTube, IG & Facebook, consistency is the key. And then, you'll see the result one day or another.

mjkoch ✍️
thank you for the advice dude it's really good input. you're definitely right abt most things on this.

• would i post the blog posts on my website? or use a separate site and funnel it to my product page?

• i use that discount to college phone numbers and emails so i can do email/sms campaigns. so far it's helping more than it's hurting.

• i will definitely explore more packages / new items on my site when i have enough capital to run multiple MOQ's. but right now i'm at the beginning stage of brand development, so i need to push this product for a while and become profitable before i drop more money on inventory.


would i post the blog posts on my website? or use a separate site and funnel it to my product page?

Why not doing both? If you are productive, then create a blog section on your website and post on there. If you have the time, content and energy, why not creating and post here as well, and link your articles to your website. If you have the resources, do both. If not, I'd suggest to focus on your own URL.

i use that discount to college phone numbers and emails so i can do email/sms campaigns. so far it's helping more than it's hurting.

Well yes! Email marketing (and mobile as well but I can't say I know a lot about it) are the best way of attracting buyers. Usually, this is people that know you, your brand, your product, so they're in the middle of your funnel.

i will definitely explore more packages / new items on my site when i have enough capital to run multiple MOQ's. but right now i'm at the beginning stage of brand development, so i need to push this product for a while and become profitable before i drop more money on inventory.

I know. But keep that in mind. Could be a great way to scale up once you get to the right moment.

mjkoch ✍️
Hey thank you everyone for commenting on this post. I will take everything you guys said into account and implement it.

• graphic on site

• blog posts

• more niched targeting

• don't wait for posts to go viral etc etc etc

if anyone has more advice please hit me with it! also i appreciate all the kind words y'all have said about my brand! really appreciate it 🙂
So I took a quick look at your tiktok and instagram. Here's what I'm left with. You're an unknown company selling some kind of supplement. I don't know if it's for me, for my kids, or for my teenage niece. Who's it for? Your first tiktok is for sugar babies, that's not me. Your second tiktok is saying it's an adderall alternative, so for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder patients. I don't know who this is for and tiktok, you're trying too hard to fit all narratives.

Instagram is a bland company page. Just the bottle all over the place. No humanity, no person, just the bottle. Does it help with brain fog? How so?

In other words: you need to pick your audience on those platforms. If you're looking to sell it to college students on TikTok (good idea) look at that generation and what they are interested in. What are their current university/college problems? Talk about that and then how your product help. Instagram great for millennials. So are you looking to help employees become more productive or stay-at-home moms more alert? You can't go for everyone at once.

This is why you're not connecting to your audience. You need to find what your audience will find relatable and share with their friends. You need a message that answers "Why do I need this"? To be more productive, but why? To pass your grades and be able to go out with your friends too?

Hope that helps some.

mjkoch ✍️
that's awesome advice thank you. need that constructive criticism so i can really improve the brand. ~ the tiktok is just me trying to go viral using catchy hooks btw.

but you're right. cant hit all the audiences at once. will have to find one and target it. since i'm using primarily tiktok i think targeting college students would be the move.

I'm sincerely sorry if it sounded harsh, but time is money and you don't have time to read between the lines. The best approach is to make real changes and I think your product has the potential to go viral. Best of luck and keep in touch!

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