Instagram Content Ideas for a Business

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How to Get Instagram Content Ideas for Your Small Business – Take a Look Even If You Don’t Use IG

Content is the most valuable way to communicate with customers now as customers now move to businesses that demonstrate care for their needs through content.

It is easy for customers to find content (infographics, blog posts, social posts) that helps them make an informed decision on what to buy, but I have noticed how difficult it is for small business owners to create content that helps the customer make these decisions.

Now you can see there is a gap between businesses and customers, this gap is why some business owners can only think of making the sale but the sale isn't important if you can't communicate with your target market (this is my perspective, happy to know yours).

The importance of digital content can not be overemphasized, so I'll skip to the important part and show you how to solve this problem.

So in Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice Let's Close The Gap 😎 (don't know why I chose his voice, guess it's because of how serious and cool it is.)

What To Learn 📚

– Content Pillars – Top 5 content idea generation methods – Content that helps you sell ideas

Understanding Content Pillars

A content pillar is a content plan or structure which helps you create content that meets the 3 basic needs of your target market (IG followers in this case)

These 3 basic needs include:

📍 Inspiration/Entertainment – Your followers want to know you're rooting for them and that you understand their journey

📍 Education – Content that helps them make the right decision (even if it's going to cost you the sale)

📍 The Sale – Content that gets you the sale, most people hate sales content but I'm more than happy to pay if I believe the product helps on my journey (personal view, not everyone will be happy to pay).

So let's recap, we need a content pillar that inspires or entertains, one that educates, and one that uh helps them buy your products because it will help them reach their goals.

Now let's discuss the 4th wheel, news is our 4th content pillar, but this pillar can be considered almost irrelevant as you don't have to talk about everything on the news (except celebrations like Halloween, Christmas, and others I can't remember right now).

Importance Of Content Pillars

1️⃣ Makes content creation easier

2️⃣ Helps avoid repetitive content

3️⃣ Helps show you understand your audience

4️⃣ Provides you with daily content

It is important to post daily on Instagram as this keeps your audience engaged and interested, consistency is the name of the game or IG will stop displaying your content to most of your followers.

🧠 Getting Entertaining/Inspirational Content

Memes and Quotes are common examples of entertaining content, but I think it's best you avoid general memes, and dark memes, quotes too.

Your target market/audience are people on a journey to achieve something they desire so the memes and quotes you post should be about their struggles and what achieving their goal feels like, this helps you entertain and show that you understand (I mean this genuinely, try to understand if you don't because you can't sell me acne banishing products if you've had clear glowing skin all your life or misunderstand my condition).

Inspirational and Entertaining content can be found on social platforms like IG (check hashtags like #(customerproblem)memes and #(customer problem)quotes), Pinterest and Reddit are also good places to search.

🧠 Getting Educational Content Ideas

This is where the problem is at, getting content ideas that educate can be really difficult but let's take a look at the top five ways to find unlimited content ideas that help you know and answer the questions of your audience.

Top 🖐️ Ways To Get Educational Content Ideas

• Quora

Quora is a question asking and answering platform, great place to find the questions your audience is asking, but it can be hard to find a lot of these questions with a normal search.

So what do we do?

We use an enhanced search that lets us search Quora (through google) for questions that contain certain niche/industry keywords, here's how it is done.

1. Go to Google and search this yourkeywordshere

So let's assume I'm a car salesman, I'll search buy car

Once I do this Google filters through Quora and will provide me with only questions that contain the keywords "buy car"

Using this enhanced search method allows you to see all the questions your target market is asking and you can create educational content around these.

2. Reddit

Yup! Our great Reddit is similar to Quora as it is a question and answer forum (should remain a forum, I don't know why they're going hard on the social aspect, to serve ads maybe?)

we use the same enhanced search method to filter results but this time we do yourkeywordshere

Feel free to ask any questions or expand on these ideas

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is great for everything (maybe not everything), you can find all types of content and a simple search will display results of what other businesses similar to yours are posting.

So as a car salesman all I have to do is search "buy car" (quotations not included) and Pinterest will show me all the top posts under that subject.

Great for getting content ideas

4. Keywordtool

Keywordtool is my favourite for getting content ideas as it is free (we all love free, don't we?) and sorts things properly, so here's how it's done:

STEP 1: Go to keywordtool(dot)io (replace dot with .)

STEP 2: Enter the "Google" Tab and enter your customer problems or industry keyword and continue

STEP 3: Click on the questions tab to get a list of all the questions people are asking

STEP 4: Get as many content ideas from the questions you see.

5. Google Suggestions

This method uses google's suggestive ability to get content.

All you have to do is search your keywords on google, "buy car" as I'm a car salesman and scroll down to where you see "people also ask"

More questions people also ask will be generated as you click each one.

🧠 Sales Content Ideas

We've seen how we can get inspirational/Entertaining content and Educational content, so now it's time for content that shows your business and what you do because people will not buy if they're unclear of what you do and how you do it.

Here are a few content ideas to help that cause:

💡 Reviews/Testimonials

💡 Behind the scene

💡 Sneak peek

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

💡 Throwback

💡 Happy customer at your business place

💡 Staff

Should You Swear In Your Content?

This is one of those overlooked things that matters or maybe doesn't matter, I've seen businesses post memes, inspirational content, and captions with swear words.

I've noticed content with swear words and obscene language get more comments but it's something I would avoid personally (personal preference)

But I believe it's all down to the age of your audience and how they'll perceive it.

So is it a yes or no? I say it's a personal thing, what do you think?

Summary Time

We discussed how content pillars are important, the 3 main content pillars and the 4th wheel (Entertain/inspire, Educate, Sell, and News).

And we saw the content idea generation methods (Quora search, Reddit search, Pinterest, keywordtool, and Google suggestions), then we ended with the most overlooked thing which is the use of obscene language in content.

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